Should You Rethink Your Child’s Education?

I want to share with you a note received from one of our parents whose child currently attends Summit Academy.  As parents, we know all children learn differently and at their own pace.  Some children comprehend quickly and are off to the next lesson, while others need time to absorb and interpret.  I can’t think of a better gift to our children than to allow them to learn in an environment where they are actively involved in each lesson.  An environment where if they have a question, it does not go unnoticed and unanswered.  At Summit Academy there is no moving on to the next lesson until your child has mastered the task at hand and there is no holding back a child who quickly masters a task.  A child who is moving forward in their education is successful, confident, and passionate in their learning.         

“It is such a good feeling to send your child off somewhere each and every day knowing it’s somewhere they want to be.  My son used to slope into the local community school at a snail’s pace, and tell me he hated it. As parents we tend to laugh that off, all kids hate school, that’s just the way it is. But that’s terrible when we think of how much time our children will spend at school. I think one positive of Covid is that it opened up alternative ways of educating our children. 

Summit ‘home school’ is an amazing cross between home school and school. Enough kids to be social, but small enough to get really excellent attention.  We left a 30:1 ratio at our local school, where my son was lost in the middle, to 7:1 at Summit. At Summit he’s noticed and valued.  And then there are the teachers themselves, young, dynamic and caring. Always looking for ways to relate lessons to the real world and get them out of the classroom. 

My son says he loves the flexibility, the teaching is better and it’s more fun!  I can’t say enough good things. I’ve noticed an improvement in my son academically, but for us more importantly is his overall engagement and enjoyment.  I have a happy child who is thriving in every way.”