Chris Moffet, CSCS, CPT

Athletic Director

I grew up in Seahouses, a small village on the Northumberland coastline in the North-East of England. I have played competitive sports my whole life. Due to this, I have always been very interested and enthusiastic about my health and well-being, even from a very early age! This is where I feel my fascination with training and human performance began.

Upon graduating from University in 2014, I spent a great deal of time traveling and living abroad. It was during this time (whilst living in New Zealand), that I got to experience living in the mountains for the first time and the sense of adventure that came with it. This experience ended up changing my life and is what eventually brought me to Whistler, BC in 2016.

​Since then, I have spent the last few years skiing, climbing, and exploring the Coast Mountains that I am now lucky enough to call home.

In my time away from the school, I own and operate Momentum Training (MTM). MTM is a strength and conditioning business. Here, I help my client’s work towards realizing their potential and improving their quality of life through strength training and physical activity.

I feel a great sense of pride towards my involvement with the Summit Academy and look forward to working with the students in developing their athletic potential, whilst building an awareness and appreciation for their own health and well-being.