Role: Executive Cuddle Assistant
Subject(s): Playtime
Hometown: Whistler, B.C.
Education: Summit Academy


“I’ve been told that growing up in Whistler is the best place to be, so I guess I’m one lucky pup! I┬álove to explore this great big town in every season – in my own way, of course.

In the winter months, I get to play in the snow, and I love to watch my friends swim in all of the lakes and rivers in the summer (the water is a bit too cold for my taste). My human friends think it’s funny when I gobble up the water when I’m thirsty, but how else am I supposed to stay hydrated?! All year long, I get to climb up tall mountains, but don’t worry – I’m really brave and not scared of heights. When I get back from my adventures, I like to take a nap on the foam pads in the sun to “recharge my batteries” (so my parents say).

Although I like exploring, my most favourite activities are napping while my friends learn, keeping our environment calm, and reminding everyone that fresh air is important.

I don’t know all the names of my favourite places to go, so I wanted to show you them instead:

1. I love, love love a good roll on the grass. It helps scratch the itches that I can’t reach!
2. When we are adventuring out in the sun, it’s important to find some shade and relax. I try to show all of my school friends this, too.
3. Did somebody say catching snowflakes on my tongue?! Yes please!
4. The wind in my hair (well, ears) is one of the simple pleasures in my life.
5. I just love holiday time – all the yummy smells, pretty lights – and sometimes I get presents!

If you would rather hangout inside, I get that; I am a really good cuddler (and napper)! 

I hope I get to meet you soon!